Born 2011, young, dandy-like, hipster-proof – This is the SUNSHINE COLLECTION.
I have always been into fashion and finally decided to turn my dream into reality with this little collection. I love velvet – therefore it was used as the leading material for my first collection.

With your well trained taste of style, all pieces of the collection can be perfectly matched or mixed in colour.

To Anna Sunshine Sigl quality is of highest priority. When you use velvet, then it has to be real quality velvet ... something real dandies must not argue about.

I hope you have great fun with my first collection, and I’m sure you are going to catch one’s eye. Finally not everyone is strolling down the streets wearing fine crafted slippers.

Enjoy! Sunshine
The reason why LE HUAF came to life was that I wanted to develop a comfortable yet stylish shoe for my hotel’s employees. Finally the idea has turned out too good for us to keep it only for internal usage.

The sole and the inner shoe are made of finest leather. For the upper material we use pure velvet from Spain. Your beloved Sunshine had to do a lot of research and travelling to find the highest quality velvet that would satisfy the collections claim.

LE HUAF gives you the freedom of combination and adds some extra spice to your outfit, no matter if you wear it with jeans or elegant costumes. The daring gentlemen will realize that it goes perfect to smokings, suits or shorts. LE HUAF is the perfect slipper for today’s dandy.

LE HUAF is available in the following sizes:
Ladies 36-41, Gents 41-46

Le Huaf Ladies: EUR 160.-
Le Huaf Gents: EUR 180.-

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Le Huaf W / black
Le Huaf W / blue
Le Huaf W / red
Le Huaf W / silver
Le Huaf M / black
Le Huaf M / blue
Le Huaf M / red
Le Huaf M / silver
The perfect match for your slipper: LE SWAGBAG. A simple yet stylish clutch made for the quaintrelles among you. Colour match it with your favourite LE HUAF slipper to get an astonishing ton-in-tone look.

LE SWAGBAG is made of the same high quality velvet used for LE HUAF. It features a magnetic closing mechanism which is covered with finest leather. The interior is vested with classy apple-green silk. LE SWAGBAG perfectly matches your business day outfit as well as the ones for adventurous nights. It offers space for all items to survive a dandy’s day.

Size: Width: 25 cm, Height: 14 cm, Depth: 2 cm

Le Swagbag: EUR 120.-

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Le Swagbag / black
Le Swagbag / blue
Le Swagbag / red
Le Huaf / silver
The third item to combine will draw a conspicuous line of attention to your outfit. LE PEITSCH is a belt like no other that goes perfect to jeans, garb or suits. Just like the other parts of the collection, LE PEITSCH is made of pure velvet combined with fine leather seams. It brings a sophisticated signature to every outfit of your choice.

LE PEITSCH is available on request in different sizes:

Le Peitsch: EUR 85.-

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Le Peitsch/ black
Le Peitsch / blue
Le Peitsch / red
Le Peitsch / silver
Hello upcoming dandies and quaintrelle’s! Simply fill out the form below to send a non-committal inquiry. After sending you will get a summary with all details of your inquiry to confirm. Items available as from end of March 2012. Free shipping. All prices including VAT.

Have Fun!

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